Carmody® Environmental Services

Carmody has been providing consulting, development, inventory, disposal, management and nitrogen reduction solutions for the grease and septic system industries for over 20 years. 

Carmody’s Services Include: Project Assessment ~ Program Design ~ Regulation Review ~ Database Design ~ Project Administration ~ Paperless Solutions ~ Operations ~ Administration Support ~ Tech Support ~ Cloud Applications ~ Education ~ Training ~ Consulting ~ Program Administration ~ Turn-Key Solutions. 

Carmody develops and maintains cost effective and time saving programs throughout the United States and the Cayman Islands. Carmody’s programs, applications and projects are easily scalable from small  village to full scale statewide applications. 

Carmody has inventoried and managed grease, step and septic systems for 1.8 million properties. Managed and tracked 2 million grease and septic system components. Collected and evaluated over 1.3 million pumping, inspection, and maintenance events. Managed and tracked the disposal of 1.7 billion gallons of pumped grease and septic waste. Scanned and indexed over three million septic system permits. Identified over 300 different types of grease, step and septic systems. Located, identified and monitored over 93 different types of nitrogen reduction septic systems. 

One of Carmody’s most valued and significant assets, is its independence in operating as an industry neutral business, with no ties or affiliations to associations, manufacturers or products, allowing Carmody to be free and impartial from industry influence.  

Click on the image to request a free project assessment.
Click on the image to request a free project assessment.


Grease, Septic and Nitrogen Reduction Solutions

Carmody’ offers its clients 20 years of experience and a document center that contains thousands of working applications, files, forms and reports that are currently in use today. 

Carmody’s unique consulting and design support allows its clients the ability to see and learn about management applications that are in use in the real world and selecting the applications, files, forms and reports they feel will work best in their environment. 

As a part of Carmody’s development program, Carmody offers its clients a fully functional demonstration program within 7 to 10 days, this helps our clients to quickly assess their application needs by testing, editing or changing their application several times before the program goes live. This allows our clients to quickly and efficiently design their program to fit their needs, rules, regulations, and political environment. 

Carmody’s experience and demo program has allowed our clients the ability to develop a fully functional, tested and approved program within 30 days, or less. 

Carmody’s applications are extremely flexible allowing our clients to create their files and reports to whatever they need or want at any given time. After implementation the client can always adapt, change or update their program in real time as needed, and change it back, just as quick if desired.



Carmody's applications are quick to implement, easy to use and cost-effective. You can locate, assess, track, manage, and monitor the condition, operation and compliance of any type of grease, step or septic system in real time.


Waste Disposal Management


Carmody efficiently manages and tracks pumped septic and grease waste. Our unique applications allow you to easily manage and document the disposal. Carmody’s applications verify that your grease and septic waste is only handled by licensed or approved industry contractors and that all of your waste is properly and safely disposed.

Cloud Management


Carmody’s cloud services offer a secure, powerful and scalable management resource for the grease and septic system industry. It is accessible anytime, anywhere by any computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone with internet access.  Because cloud computing infrastructure is shared, computing power is available for a much lower cost than owning and maintaining these systems independently.

Public Access Portal


Carmody’s public access portal allows our clients to post service reports, permit documents, education materials, approved contracts, etc. to all stakeholders. This provides our clients with a program that is transparent, and saves time and money by substantially reducing office calls, file searches and mailing costs.

Event Notifications


Carmody’s compliance and management applications are custom designed. Our clients can build their reports, notifications and reminders to fit their specific needs. Renewals, inspections, service, and compliance events are all monitored automatically and in real time. The Client’s custom letters and notices can then be generated from our application saving our clients time and money.

Secure Access


Carmody’s password-protected program enables program users to safely file and retrieve real-time data from our secure environment, accessible anywhere, 24/7 365 days a year. The program offers our clients several different secure access platforms and each client approved password having over 100 selectable data access points and application tools.

Carmody® Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality management services to help reduce or eliminate the impact septic systems and their disposed waste have on our water resources.  To protect our environment, health, and community in an environmentally, economically and  responsible way to keep our waters clean, safe, and healthy for generations.