Carmody has been providing consulting, development, inventory, disposal,  management and nitrogen reduction solutions for the grease and septic  system industries for over 20 years. 

Our Services: Project Assessment ~ Program Design ~ Regulation Review ~ Database  Design ~ Project Administration ~ Paperless Solutions ~ Operations ~  Administration Support ~ Tech Support ~ Cloud Applications ~ Education ~  Training ~ Consulting ~ Program Administration ~ Turn-Key Solutions. 

We have inventoried and managed septic systems on 2 million properties. Managed and tracked 2.2 million septic system components. Collected and evaluated over 2.5 million pumping, inspection, and maintenance events. Managed and tracked the disposal of 3 billion gallons of pumped septic waste. Scanned and indexed over three million septic system permit documents. Identified over 300 different types of septic systems. Located, identified and monitored over 93 different types of nitrogen reduction septic systems. 

We have developed and maintained cost effective and time saving programs  throughout the United States and the Cayman Islands.