Management & Compliance

Our applications are quick to implement, easy to use and cost-effective. You can register, track, manage and monitor any type of event, service and inspections for any type of FOG or septic system around the clock. Real-time data tracking enables instant updates with immediate review capabilities.

Carmody is equipped with locating features that will allow you to locate and map your systems. Carmody automatically geo-codes your addresses and can export the geo-code data to other databases and resources.

Track Septic Waste Disposal

Carmody Software efficiently manages and tracks pumped septic and grease waste and is easily configured to meet our Client’s needs.

Our unique reporting application allows our clients to easily  locate, reconcile and inventory the systems in their territory. 

Carmody’s public access application also allows our clients and homeowners to verify pumpers credentials and verify that the waste was disposed of properly.

Service and Inspection Forms

Carmody provides a wealth of reporting tools for our clients to build custom registration, permit, service and inspection forms.  

 The service reports are instantly summited and the forms can auto-tabulate and sort the collected data in real time, allowing all users instant access and complete transparency.

Our document center contains hundreds of examples of forms and applications to help guide you in developing a useful, efficient and effective management program.

Public Access Portal

Carmody offers a public access portal to allow our clients to post service reports, permit documents, education materials, approved contracts, etc. to their citizens.

Our public access portal has proven to be a huge time saving and money saving application by reducing office calls, file searches and document mailing costs.

Event Notifications

Our event tracking and monitoring can be custom designed for any type of system; conventional, innovative/alternative, grease, etc. Customized notifications and reminders to renew, inspect and/or service are triggered automatically.

Our septic system database provides you with notifications of missed permit renewals, pump outs, service and/or inspections.

Secure Access

Our password-protected program enables regulators and service providers to file and retrieve real-time data for a paperless management program accessible from the office, home and field 24/7 365 days a year.

Our clients have the ability to set permission access for each individual user to support a secure environment.

Carmody Software, Inc.

Carmody has designed paperless septic system management programs for government agencies and private companies for over 20 years. Carmody maintains cost effective and time saving programs for septic systems, grease systems and waste disposal throughout the United States and the Cayman Islands.  

Carmody is an independently owned and operated family run business and has no affiliation with or interest in any industry manufacturers or products. Carmody’s sole interest is in delivering quality software and service to our clients. This is important to consider because with Carmody you are not placing your contractors and manufacturers into a situation where they are entering their client information, service records, schedules, and contracts into a database, server or network owned and/or operated by a competitor. 

Carmody’s interactive cloud management programs help inventory septic systems, track septic waste disposal, create and track any type of maintenance or inspection event for any type of system (septic systems, alternative technologies, wells, grease tanks etc.). 

Our program allows each client to select and create their property data fields and build their service reports to whatever they want or need for any type of system, at any given time. The information captured from the service reports and visible to the homeowners is determined by each individual client. The client designs their database to fit their wants, needs, rules, regulations, or political environment and they can always adapt, change or update their database features as needed. 

Your service reports automatically tabulate and sort the collected data in real time, allowing all users instant access and complete transparency. Our document center contains many examples of forms and applications to help our clients develop useful, efficient and effective management programs.

Carmody has grown to inventory and manage septic system information on 1,861,270 properties, managed and tracked 2 million septic systems components, collected and evaluated over 1,247,833 pumping, inspection and maintenance reports, managed and tracked the disposal of 1.7 billion gallons of pumped septic waste, scanned over three million septic system permit documents (documents and service records  that are available online to the public), identified over 300 different types of septic systems and service events used or managed, and located, identified and monitored over 93 different types of advanced septic systems and performance based systems nationwide.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality management services to help reduce or eliminate the impact septic systems and their disposed waste have on our water resources.  To protect our environment, health, and community in an environmentally, economically and  responsible way to keep our waters clean, safe, and healthy for generations.