The most COMPREHENSIVE and FLEXIBLE  service management and inventory programs available for FOG and Septic Systems

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Carmody has designed FOG and Septic System management programs for government agencies and private companies for over 17 years. Carmody maintains the largest FOG and Septic System management program in the United States. The Carmody advantage is its experience and history of developing and delivering realistic,  cost effective, and labor-saving programs. . Carmody has the experience and tools needed to quickly and efficiently develop a long-term solution for discharge, FOG and Septic Systems.

Immediate & Transperent Access

Real-Time electronic data collection and registration eliminates bulky paper reports and burdensome reviews, while allowing immediate access and assessment to regulators, service providers and homeowners.

Flexible and Easy to Use

Our Flexible and easy-to-use software applications will quickly and efficiently optimize registration, mapping, inventory, tracking and management of any type of FOG & Septic System.    
Our packaged suite of support services is designed to complement and enhance existing databases and resources.


Registration, Service & Compliance Management

You can register, track and monitor any type of event service and/or inspections for any type of FOG or Septic System and Event around the clock. Real-time data tracking enables instant updates with immediate review capabilities.

Our packaged suite of support services will also complement and enhance existing databases and resources

Locate, Inventory and Map your FOG and Septic Sytems

Our program is equipped with registration and mapping applications to register, locate and map your FOG and Septic Systems. Our application is quick to implement, easy to use and cost-effective and has the tools that will find and map your systems. You will not need GIS support or GIS training.

Registration, Service and Inspection Forms

Carmody provides a wealth of reporting tools for our clients to build  custom registration, permit, service and inspection forms. Your forms will automatically tabulate and sort the collected data in real time, allowing all users instant access and complete transparency. Our document center contains many examples of forms and applications to help guide you in developing a useful, efficient and effective management program.


Permit Renewals • Event, Registration, Permit, Service, and Inspection Management • Mapping • Notification of Missed Service, Inspection and Renewals • Waste Disposal Management• Contractor License Management • Client Custom Designed Forms • Unlimited Users with 3 Levels of User Access • Real Time Data Collection and Review • Password Protected • Secured Evironment • Daily Back-Up • Client Data Transfer Capabilities • Track up to 10 Maintenance Schedules per System

Event Notifications

Our programs provide you with notifications of missed renewals, service and/or inspections for multiple maintenance schedules per site and/or system. You can then send customized notifications and reminders to renew, inspect and/or service.

Secure Public Access

Our password-protected program enables regulators and service providers to file and retrieve real-time data for a paperless management program accessible from the office, home and field 24/7 365 days a year.

Our clients have the ability to set permission access for each individual user to support a secure environment.

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