Carmody® Nitrogen Septic System Nitrogen Reduction Strategy

In most areas septic systems have been allowed to operate for decades without maintenance.  Many of our septic systems rules and regulations allow them to operate well past their life expectancy. In most areas almost half of the septic systems in operation were installed with drainfields with little to no separation to groundwater or saturated soils.  And, we have pump-n-dump sewage programs that allow Billions of gallons of raw sewage to be transported without anyone knowing if the sewage is disposed of properly.  This adds at a minimum 25% of easily preventable septic system nitrogen to enter our environment.  



A well designed and owner friendly Septic System Management Strategy is the most effective, affordable and realistic long-term solution to reduce nitrogen. A sound Management Strategy will reduce, limit and contain nitrogen from households using septic systems quickly and efficiently. There is simply no better way to reduce household nitrogen than taking better care of the systems we already have in the ground. 


How much nitrogen can you remove with the funds you have available?

Understanding how to get the biggest bang for your nitrogen reduction dollar, is by knowing how a septic system performs after they have been installed. This is the key component in developing a successful nitrogen reduction strategy.