Q: We are a small municipality; can you help organize our new and existing systems?

A:  Yes, we can.  Carmody has developed national, state, county, town, municipal and contractor database configurations.  Our septic management programs are designed to help regulatory agencies of all sizes create a septic system inventory for any type of new and existing septic systems, including innovative and advanced systems. We can inventory and document the maintenance, performance, disposal and compliance of any type of septic, well and grease system in use today.

Q: We are part of a Health District can the District get a discounted price for its members?

A:   Yes, a discount price can be negotiated with Districts of all types. Carmody does not require 100% participation. The program can be managed by the District or its members can manage their program independently. The District and members would be able to decide at any time on how or if they want to share their information as a group with the District.   

Q: Once we sign up with you, how long does it take to get us ready to start using your software?

A: It takes about a day or two to setup your database and usually about 5 days to input your data from the day we receive it. It can take anywhere from 1 to 6 days to have one of our programs operational. It all depends on how quickly we get your setup preferences, how soon we get your instructions and the condition of your existing data.

Q: We have frequent staff turnover, I’m concerned about how I will retrain new staff.

A: There is no need to worry, leave it to us. Carmody has been providing management services for over 20 years. We have helped many of our clients educate and train their new employees over the years. We will work with your new staff members and quickly get them up to speed with the program at no additional charge.

Q. I’m not sure how to setup a management program, where do I begin?

A: We are here to help! We have programs that operate from coast to coast including the Cayman Islands. We have designed hundreds of individual community septic system management programs and have setup service and compliance tracking for over 450 different types of septic and FOG systems. We also have hundreds of samples for you to review to help you build and design your management program, quickly and efficiently.